Consulting Services

Joyent provides a comprehensive approach to cloud computing, so that you can harness the full power of the cloud on your terms. Whether your business is hosted on the Triton Cloud, through a service provider or in your own data center – public, private or custom – you have the flexibility and control to use the cloud on your terms. Custom cloud solutions include architecture consulting and implementation methodology to scale and maximize your return on investment.

Custom: Private, Public, Hybrid or All of the Above

If the traditional public cloud does not offer the full breadth of services you need and managing your own systems on premise is cost prohibitive, Joyent offers our customers the option of tailoring their own custom cloud which includes both shared resources from the public cloud and customer provided equipment. Better than simple managed hosting or collocation services, a custom cloud is a hybrid model that helps companies take the first step towards using public clouds without giving up control.

For customers with custom cloud requirements including key security, network topology, system orchestration, and clustering needs, Joyent offers the option to custom design a cloud solution. As a founding member of the SwitchNAP Inter-Cloud Exchange, Joyent is able to offer a wide range of customized solutions for customers who want to locate their own hardware in the same data center as Triton public cloud.

Joyent custom cloud solutions are tailored specifically to each customer and may include:

  • Full consulting and implementation on customized architecture
  • Installation and management of custom hardware, software and network orchestration
  • Integration of customer infrastructure with shared or dedicated Triton public cloud services
  • Customized NAT / Gateway / VPN devices for total end-to-end security
  • Customized hardware or software based firewall solutions
  • Software or hardware based load balancers for traffic management
  • Complete operations support and monitoring services

In addition, customers have full access to the broad range of services offered on our public cloud, including Brocade virtual traffic manager appliances for global traffic shaping and load balancing, NOSQL database on distributed Riak nodes and high performance Percona MySQL databases. Private networks use the same 40 Gbps switch fabric and 10 Gbps connect to leverage the power of the entire data center.

Architecture and Methodology

Our multi-phase Joyent Smart Architecture Methodology helps you get the right dedicated hosting architecture for your application. This approach is suitable for existing applications that are transitioning to the cloud as well as new applications that are being developed from scratch. The Joyent Smart Architecture Methodology is based on the following steps:

  • Solution definition
  • Existing IT system inventory and data collection (optional)
  • Solution specification
  • Solution design and development (an iterative, flexible process)
  • Solution implementation
  • Production lifecycle (including application delivery, application instrumentation, monitoring, and performance tuning)

The Joyent Smart Architecture Methodology delivers cloud computing solutions that are:

  • Performant: deliver responsive applications, regardless of user and network loads.
  • Available: enjoy continuous availability through Joyent's globally distributed, dedicated hosting services.
  • Manageable: use the Joyent telemeter system for predictable budgeting and itemized invoices.
  • Responsive: leverage Joyent's resourceful customer success engineers to build a solution that adapts to market demand.
  • Scalable:apply Joyent's technology innovations with our non-disruptive system migration process.
  • Secure: get enforcement solutions for regulatory compliance through our customer success policy & business rules analysis.

Scale Services

Joyent has developed, built, and scaled some of the fastest growing applications. As a result, we've developed a world-class infrastructure, a methodology around how to deploy and scale (both up and down) web applications, and most importantly, an infrastructure geared specifically towards assessment, benchmarking, and introspection.

Application Performance Audit

Aligns your functional requirements for your application with a predictable and scalable architecture. A critical part of our audits is the extensive use of DTrace providers at every level (serving, application, and database), as well as our ability to identify and patch code in the operating system, web, application, and database tiers that are negatively impacting your application performance.

If you would like to learn more about custom solutions, please contact us and we'll get back to you promptly.