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Live Demo: Kubernetes - The Easy Way with Triton Cloud

Setting up and managing production grade, Kubernetes clusters and environments can be complex and time consuming.

Attend this live demo to better understand the complexities of Kubernetes, and to learn how easy running Kubernetes can be when you leverage Triton as your public or private cloud provider, and Triton’s K8s Supervisor to deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters and environments that are 100% open source, production grade, supportable, and easily upgradable.

Our experts will demonstrate:

  • Kubernetes the Hard Way: Manual setup of the complex networking, storage, clustering, HA and services elements required to run Kubernetes on a public or private cloud like Triton.
  • Kubernetes the Easy Way: Automated deployment in minutes of a production grade Kubernetes cluster on Triton using the Triton K8s Supervisor, which leverages Terraform and Ansible for Kubernetes cluster creation, and Rancher for Kubernetes best practices, environment provisioning and management.

Featured presenters:

  • Fayaz Ghiasy, Product Engineer, Joyent
  • Shubhra Kar, Vice President of Product Marketing, Joyent

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